How to Beat Candy Crush Saga Level 201

I noticed we were getting an inordinate amount of traffic off my last post from the search term “candy crush 201.” Although many of the tips  in that post are helpful for Level 201, I thought I’d write something specifically about 201 and how to beat it.

Here’s my terminology key for this post:

If these are wrong, comment and let me know. I'm still not sure of the real name of my "marmalade."

If these are wrong, comment and let me know. I’m still not sure of the real name of my “marmalade.”

First off, Level 201 is really freaking hard. You will almost certainly have to play it many, many times. See the last post at #1 for how to get infinite lives (and for other general tips). But most of all, try to have patience.

OK, now the tips:

1.  Prioritize your moves.

Examine the board and make moves in this order:

  1. Create color bomb (brown sphere with sprinkles) anywhere by combining 5 the same color.
  2. Create striped candy where it will likely be used to destroy jellies in the bottom-corner bins (so create in or next to outside two rows or bottom two rows of main bin). (Also, remember striped candies are striped opposite of how they’re created — see #5, bullet 5.)
  3. Create wrapped candy anywhere on the board where it can be used soon to attack the marmalade that surrounds the color bombs on 3 sides of the board.
  4. Create striped candy where it will likely be used to clear a row that has marmalade.
  5. Match candies next to marmalade to wear it down. See also 4, below, for more on specific marmalade/jelly for 201.
  6. Match candies in the middle of the board that clear 2+ jellies.
  7. Match candies in the middle of the board (away from marmalade) to destroy normal jellies that are “stranded.”

Remember that focusing on destroying marmalade, creating special candies and hitting hard-to-reach corner jellies will lead to natural destruction of most of the normal jellies. So you shouldn’t worry about them unless you can’t find any other moves or you’re down to just a few “stranded” jellies.

Even if you’ve already cleared an area of jelly, don’t be afraid to match there if it means creating a special candy that can destroy marmalade or corner jellies.

2.  Use your color bombs wisely.

You get three for “free” at the beginning, but (of course) you have to slowly break your way through to them. When you do, look at the corner holding bins before you swap the color bombs. Unless you’ve already cleared those 8 pesky corner jellies, try to use your color bombs on the color best represented in those hard-to-reach jellies.

If you’re lucky enough to make more color bombs, my advice is to use them immediately or at least very soon. My attempts to save them and try to make a striped candy to swap them with always seemed to lead to them somehow getting set off and sort of wasted. Pick an adjoining color that is represented in the corner jellies or (if you’ve handled that) in the remaining jellies, and strike while the color bomb is hot!

One note: swapping two color  bombs on this level does reach the corner holding bins, at least on facebook (I have yet to re-create that magic moment on my phone on 201). However, in my attempts to navigate the two together, I used so many moves that I didn’t have enough left to actually win the level, despite the massive help. You might be better setting one off, then the other, then creating lots of special candies with your more homogeneous board.

3.  Consider using boosters if you have any.

I haven’t ever bought a booster in CCS; however, I was lucky enough to start playing on facebook during a week when they were giving them away free to celebrate the creator company’s anniversary (or “The King’s Birthday,” as they called it). I won’t tell you not to buy any; I will tell you that, if you have some or are willing to buy some, this might be a level worthy of their use.

This level is hard. It doesn’t allow you to apply any “extra 3 moves” gifts from friends. The first time I beat this level, I used the lollipop booster to knock out a couple of remaining jellies. I’m not familiar with all of the boosters, but let me remind you that the lollipop only destroys one “level” of jelly per lollipop. This means, if your last jelly is actually double-enforced, or has marmalade on it, etc., you will need one lollipop per level until all the jelly is gone. I say this so you won’t buy 3 lollipops to destroy three jellies, only to realize that you can’t because one of them was doubled. And now you’re out of moves and you hate life.

I’ve never used the teeth booster, but it looks like it would be very helpful on this level. This blog post (not my work) embeds a video of it wreaking havoc on chocolate, licorice and jelly in Level 70.

4.  Pay special attention to these marmalade blocks:

If you haven’t managed to clear all the corner-bin jellies, prioritize destroying these marmalade blocks first:

CCS201_cornerMarmThese blocks control whether the corner bins can re-fill. You can’t destroy a jelly that doesn’t have a candy inside of it unless maybe you swap two color bombs (haven’t tried it yet).

If this peril befalls you, it looks like this:

CCS201_lowcorners2You have to destroy these marmalade-to-jelly blocks anyway; so make them a priority unless you’ve cleared all the jelly below them in the corner bins.

To be clear: will these tips work every time? No. Will they work the first five times? Probably not. Will they work eventually? Almost certainly. So give them a try. And remember to keep filling up on free, unlimited lives.

I’ll update this if I think of any more tips for this level. Feel free to leave your own or any comments/critiques for me in the comments section. Thanks for reading, and good luck with the Crush!



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  2. Why does the color bomb pulse next to the marmalade? Like you can swap it? But when I try I can’t. I had no other moves but the mafmslade was pulsing next to the color bomb. But I could not move either one. I finally shut down the game.

    1. As far as I can tell, this is a glitch in the game and should NOT happen, but consistently does when you “free” the color bomb (by setting off a striped candy through the center line of the board) before clearing any of the marmalade surrounding it so a candy can occupy the space. I remember it happening multiple times on my phone, but I don’t recall it happening on facebook. Has this happened to you on facebook? Incidentally, if you do the same thing again (setting off another striped candy through the center line after the color bomb has been “freed” from the jelly), it will set off ALL THREE color bombs, effectively wasting them; so be careful! Sorry you’re having this issue, and let me know whether it also happens on facebook for you.

  3. Lyndsay · · Reply

    Tnxs again fellow addict. Have u beaten the game yet?

    1. I’m glad I can help! And I haven’t beaten it yet–currently on level 340 of what looks like 410 that have been created. We’ll see whether I can ever catch up to the game–they release new levels pretty often! But what would I do with all my free time if I ever finished?? 🙂

  4. ann-charlott Walter · · Reply

    I think you are the most genious guy what so ever
    Thank you for letting me know how to play with at bit of “cheats”

    1. Thanks! So glad the post is helping!

  5. Thank you so much!! I don’t think I could have beat it without your help!

    1. Glad to hear the tricks worked! Thanks for the positive feedback–it’s fulfilling to know I can help other “Crushers” get past this crazy level! 🙂

  6. Thanks for the detailed tips! I’ve been doing most of that but at least it reinforced that I’m doing it right. Been stuck on 201 for a few days. It’s a fun level but I’m starting to get frustrated. Thanks! 🙂

  7. I’m able to apply the 3 extra.moves friends gave me on this board.

  8. I’ve already been doing all these things for a few days and STILL can’t pass this darn level! LOL Just wanted to say that I’m able to use the 3 extra moves on this level…so maybe it’s changed since you were there 🙂 Back to the crush………………

  9. Great tips! I had such a hard time with 200 that when I beat it there was a sigh of relief…until this level. I was hoping it would start off with an easy one as to not to easily discourage players. :/

  10. Anonymous · · Reply

    Thank you so much, your advice of using color bombs to knock out the corners helped beat it!

  11. Anonymous · · Reply

    You can use extra moves on this level (I had them and didn’t use them) and 2 sprinkle balls together do clear out the corners. I was one move away from clearing the board :(((( If you purchase your way out of a level you didn’t really beat it. I’ve never purchased and never will.

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  14. On Facebook, if you have 5 lives and friends give you lives, you lose them – any way to save them for when you are out of lives?

    1. I’m not sure if playing on FB is the same as playing on a phone but I always play on my phone and at first experienced the same issue. The trick is to not accept the extra lives until you have less than 5 already. You’re not allowed to have more than 5 at a time(though once it gave me 6 for some reason) so if you accept them when you already have 5, the ones your friends gave you will disappear. I usually just accept one at a time(& I don’t start accepting them till I’m down to none), since as you play a lot of times you earn back lives anyway in the time you’re playing the board. That way you’ll never waste any given to you.

  15. How do I get three extra moves? Also when I get friends to help unlock the next episode if I check all 3 only one is given to me, any help on that? 201 looks like a test of patience here, hope I can last!

    1. Actually just finished 201 with you help….thanks! Please still help with the former 2 questions I had, anyone?

  16. Hi I think your marmalade is cookies and cream or just cookies and your color bombs are doughnut holes w/ sprinckles and your stripe candies are striped taffies and the normal ones are hard candies if you already know this if you don’t I think I just gave you some advise also u should do pet rescue saga to. Me and my mom have been stuck on 201 for at least 5 months.

  17. Thanks for the tips! I was stuck on this level for a week and beat it once I read these tips. Instead of doing any match I see, I did what you said, concentrate on the marmalade and the harder to get jellies and the rest cleared easily.

  18. I got it on the 2nd try by creating lots of colour bombs and striped candies! Thanks for the tips 🙂

  19. The jellies in the corner will clear with two color bombs even if their is no candy there. I actually did it the game after reading these tips. Thanks again.

  20. I’m dying here to complete this level which is highly impossible!!!! 😥

  21. Anonymous · · Reply

    The “marmalade” is a hot fudge sundae with whipped cream. They start with just the metal bowl, then add the ice cream in the earlier levels, then add the brown layer (fudge), then add the swirl on top (whipped cream) as you progress. Just one man’s opinion haha!

  22. by the time i get some good candys the game is almost over not haveing any luck got down to 2 jellies and was done

  23. I am connected to Internet but when I ask friends for next level my I pad says no connection.

  24. Anonymous · · Reply

    I must have been pretty lucky; did it just on a fourth attempt; had 2 booster lolly pops though (was a gift); had 3 candies to smash and just one move. So, the boosters came in very handy. However, your tips gave me confidence. Thanks.

  25. What are “free unlimited lives” that you mentioned? Worst game yet 😦 lol

    1. To get “free unlimited lives”, you need to be playing on a phone. I have an android phone, I don’t know if it’s the same for Iphones but I have seen tips for them too, I believe. Anyway, w/ my phone I go into my “settings” and click on “date and time”. Most phones are set to automatically update date/time. Uncheck that setting and it will allow you to manually reset the date. Then just set the date ahead, I usually do a mth. I used to just do a day ahead and then one day my phone bugged out and said I had like a million hours to my next life lol. Ever since then I just do a mth ahead and haven’t had any issues, so I’d suggest that. Then Candy Crush gives you 5 lives again. Make sure you follow these next steps carefully. I’m not sure why but I’ve read it’s important. Go into Candy Crush and make sure you have the 5 lives but DON’T PLAY until you first go back into your settings and switch the date back toupdate automatically. If you don’t before you play, it screws up your phone settings somehow I think. Once you’ve set it back to automatic, you can go back and play. You can literally do this as many times as you want to, hence the “free unlimited lives” 🙂 I try not to do it too often b/c I’m already so addicted to this game, I feel like I’d just keep going and going! But I use it when I’m really having trouble w/ a level sometimes. Hope that helps.

  26. They’re called meringues. :). Thanks for the tips!

  27. Thanks so much for the tips, I beat it on the 3rd try! 🙂

  28. Anonymous · · Reply

    I will try your tips! Thank you for the very in depth explanation !!

  29. Angie · · Reply

    Hi, thanks so much for the great advice on candy crush. You’ve certainly put a lot of effort and good ideas in this. I will continue to try and make it thru this difficult level although at times, I’m ready to throw the phone lol! I thought I would let you know that what you are calling “marmalade” is actually “merange”. I think it may be marmalade that’s covering the sprinkled donuts or “color bombs”. Thought I’d let you know so it may not be confusing to others. It took me a few minutes to figure out what you were talking about, although it doesn’t take much to confuse me these days, lol. Anyway, please keep up the good work and I’ll get back to the old level 201! Thanks and have a great day!!

  30. Anonymous · · Reply

    Two color bombs will clear most of the board and it cleared 7 of the 8 in the little boxes.
    I just happened to get these near the middle of the board.

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  32. The jellies in the corner will clear with two color bombs even if their is no candy there. I actually did it the game after reading these tips. Thanks again so much

  33. Anonymous · · Reply

    unable to clear 201 in candy crush. very

  34. ANicole · · Reply

    Thank you for posting these tips! I have been stuck on this level for so many months I’ve lost track of how long it’s been. The FIRST time I followed your advise I finally beat this horrible level!!!!;
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! At last I get to move forward on the board! YAYYYY!!!!

  35. ANicole · · Reply

    I forgot to tell earlier I used your tips to beat the level by using a color bomb booster and working to clear the marmalade ( white jellies) first. Thanks again for taking time to share your knowledge of this level. Your thoughts from this post helped me! Whoo whoo! Success!

  36. DAVDI · · Reply


  37. Anonymous · · Reply

    I am struggling with 201, hope I manage to win before my birthday in April , that will be a great 76th birthday present.

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